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7 Signs It May Be Time For A Hip Replacement

We all have aches and pains, and while some are intermittent, others are chronic. Hip pain is one of those which can affect all your movements and life activities. Most doctors recommend that you rely on other more conservative treatments before deciding on hip surgery, but sometimes surgery is needed. Here are 7 signs it may be time for a hip replacement.

Hip Pain Persists Even When Resting

If you lie down and simply want to rest yet your hip continues to bother you, this is probably a sign you should consider hip replacement surgery.

You Have Tried All The OTC Medications Without Relief

Those who suffer with hip pain commonly try over-the-counter (OTC) pain meds to relieve their discomfort. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are the first choice, such as Motrin, Advil, and Aleve.

If they only work for a short time or no longer provide relief, it may be time to speak with OrthoNY.

Normal Activities Are A “Thing Of The Past”

All the activities you like to do have become difficult or impossible due to your hip pain. Gardening, playing sports, walking, or even just simple things like bending down to put on your shoes has become a painful endeavor.

When Injections Stop Working

Certain injections helped with pain in the past. The injections cushioned and lubricated the bones in your hip. When injections stop working or don’t last as long as they did, maybe it’s time to consider surgery.

Your Cane Has Become Your Friend

When you can’t go anywhere, even from room to room, without using a cane or walker, it is time to speak with OrthoNY.

Getting Out Of Bed Gets More Difficult Each Day

This isn’t necessarily due to your hip pain. It becomes depressing to think of going through your day in pain and with limited mobility. Some days you even consider staying there all day. The pain and change in lifestyle is getting you down.

OrthoNY’s Test Results

If your imaging tests confirm you have arthritis or joint damage, it might be time to consider hip surgery.

If you are living with these sad truths, why wait? It is time to act.

Talk with OrthoNY about hip replacement surgery to relieve all your painful symptoms and get your life back. Call (518) 489-2663, or request an appointment online, to schedule an appointment at one of our locations throughout the Capital Region.