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Elisa Schneider had been running for most of her adult life. She first saw Dr. Alfandre due to hip pain, then again while training for the Philadelphia Marathon for severe muscle strain two weeks out from the race. Each time, Dr. Alfandre helped ensure she could continue running.

Then in the fall of 2022, her calf began to hurt. She went to physical therapy and even the chiropractor because her mechanics seemed off. Thinking she didn’t need surgery, she went to another local provider and the unthinkable happened.

That doctor said, “You will never run again.”

She immediately called OrthoNY and went back to Dr. Alfandre now knowing that surgery was potentially on the table. And Dr. Alfandre’s words put her at ease, “we’re going to get you back running.”

In December of 2022, Dr. Alfandre performed a Medial Meniscal Repair on Elisa’s left knee. With time, her knee began to get stronger. “Injuries like Elisa's do not mean the end of the road. With current advanced surgical techniques, patients like Elisa can not only safely get back to running and sports, but the surgery also supports long term preservation of the knee joint, oftentimes preventing the need for knee replacement in future," Dr. Alfandre shared.

After giving her knee time to recover and completing a home exercise program provided by Dr. Alfandre, she felt she was ready and laced up her running shoes. She soon began training for her first race. Since then, she has run three races with her most recent begin the Delightful (formerly Freihofer’s) Run for Women on June 1, 2024.

“I am so thankful to Dr. Alfandre. He gave me hope. I went to that first appointment with him holding so much fear. I had been told by the other doctor I would never run again and that was crushing. Dr. Alfandre was confident and calm. And when he said, I’m going to get you running again – I believed I would. I knew I was in the right hands.”

Elisa SchneiderElisa Schneider

The comprehensive orthopedic & sports medicine care at OrthoNY covers everything from sprains and complex fractures to sports injuries and total joint replacement. If you are suffering from chronic pain or if a recent injury is keeping you from doing the things you love, learn more about how OrthoNY can help you by at or by calling (518) 489-2663.

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    I went to see Dr. Abraham at the Delmar office on 9/6 for a diagnosis of my hip injury. He performed an exam, took some X-rays and suggested I get a second opinion. He gave me a referral to see Dr. Stein in the Clifton Park office on 9/8. Dr. Stein reviewed my MRI and gave me a thorough assessment of my injury and, based upon my present physical condition, suggested I get a cortisone shot, which was scheduled for the following day (9/9) at the Albany office, which is closer to my home. Dr. Buttaci was very personable and put me at ease while administering the shot. It worked----today (9/12) my condition has improved dramatically. Less than a week from initial assessment to diagnosis to implementation of treatment plan----I would still be sitting in the waiting room with most other providers.
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