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    I went to see Dr. Abraham at the Delmar office on 9/6 for a diagnosis of my hip injury. He performed an exam, took some X-rays and suggested I get a second opinion. He gave me a referral to see Dr. Stein in the Clifton Park office on 9/8. Dr. Stein reviewed my MRI and gave me a thorough assessment of my injury and, based upon my present physical condition, suggested I get a cortisone shot, which was scheduled for the following day (9/9) at the Albany office, which is closer to my home. Dr. Buttaci was very personable and put me at ease while administering the shot. It worked----today (9/12) my condition has improved dramatically. Less than a week from initial assessment to diagnosis to implementation of treatment plan----I would still be sitting in the waiting room with most other providers.
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