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    I hadn’t read any reviews prior to my visit. I was sent here because I was in so much pain and my GP didn’t have an appointment available. Because it’s Urgent Care I expected a long wait. I stood waiting to speak to the receptionist for about 10 minutes. When it was my turn she was very friendly and empathetic, it put me at ease right away. I filled out the necessary paperwork and before I completed it I was called in. The nurse was friendly and had an air of concern. I had to have X-rays and the tech was also friendly and laughed when I made a joke about the paper shorts. A few minutes later a P.A. Named Eileen came in and worked her magic. There was nothing about this visit or the care that I received that could be perceived as negative. When you go to an urgent care office you should be prepared for a wait. It’s disappointing to read patients say they were not seen quick enough. To that I say “you know where you’re going so be prepared”. Let’s be real people, this isn’t fast food. Chill.
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